Upcoming blogs

Upcoming blogs

Following the success of our first guest blogs, by Dr Daryl Leeworthy and Colin Thomas, we’d like to give you an update on what you can look forward to over the coming weeks.

You will be able to read exciting blogs from the following contributors:

Simon Jenkins is a PhD student at Cardiff University, studying prostitution in Cardiff from 1885-1960.

Collin Lieberg is a PhD student at the University of Warwick, analysing the American and British popular music of the 1960s.

Dr Kathryn Rix is Assistant Editor at the History of Parliament Trust’s House of Commons, 1832-1945 project. She is researching biographies of MPs and constituencies in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Suffolk in 1832-68.

Dr Justin Dolan Stover is Associate Professor at Idaho State University, where he is working on the history of modern Ireland, France and Great Britain.

Eleanor Tench is an MRes student at Plymouth University, where she is researching the history of Liberal Unionism in Cornwall between 1886 and 1895.

Tim Worth is a PhD student at the University of Southamton, where he is studying Anglo-Scottish animosity in Britain and the American colonies in the years surrounding the War of Independence

Interested in joining them? If you would like to blog for us, please email us at fournationshistory@gmail.com. We’re looking for bloggers to write for the Four Nations History Network between now and our inaugural conference in February 2014.

Blogs are typically around 750 words and would be welcome from those who are practising modern British history using four nations frameworks or are examining the individual nations. This blog is open not only to those studying nationally-oriented histories, but also to those researching events, episodes, theories and movements within England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, c.1700 to the modern day.


One thought on “Upcoming blogs

  1. So exciting to see this! I look forward to contributing! Keep up the good work! Justin

    Justin Dolan Stover, PhD Assistant Professor (August 2014) Idaho State University


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