Partners announcement

Partners announcement 

The Four Nations History Network is delighted to announce its very first partner organisations and institutions. By linking with them, we hope to further expand our research community.

Our new partners are:

The British Association for Irish Studies is a national network for all those interested in Irish Studies. It operates through conferences, regular seminar series, newsletters and the Postgraduate Bursary Scheme and Essay Prize to develop new scholarship.

History&Policy connects historians, policy makers and journalists. It publishes high quality scholarly research, organises innovative events, and aims to demonstrate the relevance of history to contemporary policy making.

The Institute for Contemporary British History is a leading UK centre for historical research on contemporary Britain. The Institute contains a large archive of oral histories from its well established series of Witness Seminars.

King’s College London Department of History is ranked among the best in the world. The department covers a range of historical periods, subjects and regions.  The Network’s co-founders Maggie and Naomi are active members of its thriving postgraduate community.

The Modern British History Network provides a forum for discussion of current research in modern Britain history. It supports the work of both postgraduates and established scholars while providing a focal point for collaborating on new research.

The Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies based at the University of Aberdeen, it strives to bring together academic scholarship on Ireland and Scotland.

The Wales-Ireland Research Network aims to explore the creative, cultural, and political relationships between Wales and Ireland. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, it a partnership between Cardiff University, Aberystwyth University and University College Cork.

Dr Paul O’Leary, one of the Wales-Ireland Research Network’s co-founders will be the keynote speaker at our conference, United Kingdom? Four Nations Approaches to Modern ‘British’ History, on 20 February 2015. 

More partners to be confirmed at a later date.


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