The Four Nations History Network was set up in June 2014 by Maggie Scull and Naomi Lloyd-Jones, History PhD students at King’s College London.

Maggie Updated PhotoDr Maggie Scull works on the role of religious institutions in conflict settings. Her PhD thesis focused on the Catholic Church and the Northern Irish Troubles, and she constantly analyses the role of the Church in British and Irish politics. In October 2015, she published ‘The Catholic Church and the Hunger Strikes of Terence MacSwiney and Bobby Sands‘ in Irish Political Studies. She is co-organiser of the ‘Rethinking the 1980-81 Hunger Strikes’ project. Follow her on Twitter at @MaggieMScull and on Academia.edu.


Naomi Lloyd-Jones is writing up her PhD. She researches reactions to Gladstone’s Irish Home Rule Bills from the perspectives of England, Scotland and Wales, and the emergence of parallel Home Rule movements. She has published ‘Liberalism, Scottish Nationalism and the Home Rule Crisis, c.1886–93‘ (English Historical Review) andLiberal Unionism and political representation in Wales, c.1886–1893(Historical Research).  Follow her on Twitter at @beingahistorian and Academia.edu.


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