About the blog

The Four Nations History Network blog is a weekly collaborative platform for our members. Our guest bloggers offer their thoughts on the applicability of four nations approaches to their research,  often sparking lively debate. 

Email us at fournationshistory@gmail.com with your ideas! 

Blogs are typically 750-1,000 words, and our upper limit for a piece is 1,500. The subject is one of your choice, we just ask that it has a four nations angle. We’ve hosted blogs on the methodological implications of four nations approaches, the interaction of peoples from across the nations within and outside the UK, and the relationship between the nations, among others.

We also welcome blogs that are topical or are reaction pieces which provide the long view on current events. If something is particularly pertinent, we are happy to publish it outside our usual weekly schedule. 

The blogs usually focus on the period c.1700 to the modern day, but we are also interested in pieces that focus on the cusp of the early modern/modern (however defined). 

Check out our archive for an idea of the material we publish. 

The blog is also a space for Maggie and Naomi to provide updates on the network. Follow us and be the first to hear our news.


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